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Placenta encapsulation is an easy way to consume and enjoy the benefits of your placenta post-birth without any mess or hassle. I am IPPA certified and have taken the necessary classes and trainings to ensure that the job gets done safely.

Benefits of consuming your placenta are:

Balanced hormones, more energy, increased milk production, faster healing, increased iron levels, and so much more! The effects of the placenta vary from person to person, but I find it to be an empowering practice for everyone.

My credentials are:

I began encapsulating placentas after the birth of my second daughter. I am a certified placenta specialist through IPPA



Just the Pills //  $150

Placenta Capsules, Tincture & Keepsakes //  $225

All encapsulation services require a $50 deposit to secure the space on my calendar.

Payment plans are available.



  1. Schedule a FREE consultation with me in the form below -- I'll answer all of your questions and walk you through the encapsulation process.

  2. If you decide to move forward with the process a $50.00 deposit fee is required and the remainder of the fee is due by the 36th week of pregnancy.

  3. Before the birth you will designate someone who will contact me to arrange pick up.

  4. You will receive your finished capsules in 2-4 days

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