My Story


I was a young chef, living in a Buddhist Center when I found out I was pregnant for the first time. My life was turned inside-out by the news. I often look back now with a fresh perspective that comes with age, forgiveness and experience; I see this time in my life as an ultimate shedding of the ego and of my old self. I had to let go of everything that I thought I was, so that I could step into this new role.

My oldest daughter was born after only 7 months in the womb and I was tragically unprepared for my birth, and the difficult moments I would spend with my premature newborn. I struggled with postpartum depression, anxiety and an overall feeling of inadequacy as a mother. But slowly light trickled in, and with time came healing. I consciously conceived my second daughter and enjoyed a healthy, happy pregnancy and easy, quiet birth (with a doula!).

After years of working from home as a personal chef and lactation cookie peddler, I decided it was time for a change and attended my first yoga teacher training with Inner Evolution Yoga. Shortly after I would attend my prenatal teacher training with Desi Bartlett, and I continue to practice and teach at Inner Evolution to this day.

In the beginning of 2017 I set out to expand my knowledge once more by training with Doula Trainings International to become a birth and postpartum doula. With this training it really started to feel as though all of the various paths I've taken in my life have begun to come together in the best possible way.

As a Natural Chef, yogini and now doula, I feel I have what it takes to be the support system that women and families need. My experiences in my own births and in my life as a mother have all led me here! And I couldn't be more grateful.


How Can I Help You?


SPECIALTIES: Prenatal Yoga, Mindfulness Techniques, Healthy Cooking/Meal Planning, Postpartum Healing with Movement, Breastfeeding

I offer private and group yoga lessons for pregnant and postpartum women so you can feel your best, heal faster and stay present.

My Birth and Postpartum Doula services are available with optional yoga and culinary packages to best support you and your needs.