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 Serving Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding cities.

My goal as a doula is to hold space for the birthing woman and provide her with the knowledge and tools to carry her through the childbirth of her dreams. Whether that birth includes pain medication, is a planned cesarean or completely unmedicated, I make it my mission to support her and her partner in every way I can so that she feels empowered by her experience.

Our journey together includes prenatal visits where we will discover together the coping mechanisms that will be the most helpful, create a birth plan as well as a postpartum wellness plan, pack a hospital bag and anything else that proves to be helpful for the entire family. I am available for the birthing person as well as her partner during active labor all the way until the birth. I will join the family a few days after the birth to answer questions, help process the birth and assist the family in easing into their new roles.




As a doula I help my clients connect to their bodies and deeply connect to their pregnancy and birth experience. I help navigate them to their ideal birthing experience by holding space for them while answering all of their questions and making them feel safe and empowered in the end. I offer natural remedies, herbs, tinctures and ayurvedic solutions for pregnancy ailments as well as referrals to local healthcare practitioners to make sure all of my client’s needs are met.

During the birthing process whether my client decides to use pain medication or unmedicated use my knowledge of homeopathic remedies, herbs, essential oils, massage techniques as well as my background in yoga to assist in natural pain relief.


  1. You’re looking to connect to your body and deeply connect to your pregnancy and birth experience and are open to having someone guide you to information and knowledge.

  2. You aren’t sure what you want your birth experience to be and need help being guided.

  3. You have a regular yoga practice or are open to beginning a practice.

  4. You understand the importance of the postpartum period and are open to creating a wellness plan for those important months after birth.



I have a unique set of skills that, together, combine perfectly to provide for women and their growing families! I help mothers ease into their new role with grace and balance by combining my skills as a Natural Chef, a reiki practitioner, yoga teacher and doula.

I have had 3 unique experiences giving birth, twice to my own children and once as a surrogate; each of them helping me connect with mothers in many ways. Two of my pregnancies left me with a separation of the abdominal muscles that made recovery and my yoga practice extremely difficult. After discovering how to heal my core through various trainings, workshops and self-study, it has become a personal mission of mine to assist women in preventing and healing pelvic floor and core issues that can cause discomfort.

I am passionate about pelvic floor health, postpartum wellness, ayurvedic routines and remedies for women’s wellness and the healing power of herbs and food. I believe in a holistic approach to motherhood, giving special attention to our mental, physical and spiritual wellness throughout conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. The postpartum period holds an especially sacred place in my heart because of the sweetness of those slow months of transition.



Birth Doula //  $800

Postpartum Doula //  $45/hr

Peaceful Mama Doula Package //  $1,500 

For the Mama looking for a little something extra this package includes:  reiki, one-on-one yoga and meditation sessions, placenta encapsulation, and postpartum meals

All Doula services require a $150 deposit to begin our journey together. The rest of the fee is due by the 36th week of pregnancy.

Payment plans are available and must be discussed ahead of time.



To begin our journey together and your greater journey as a new mom please do the following:

  1. Fill out the form below to set up your free consultation with me. During this consultation we will discuss your desires for your birthing process and will take the time to make sure we are a good fit to work together.

  2. After the consultation and once you are ready to make the investment and book my services you will reach out to me and we will set up your first prenatal visit. At this time I will send an invoice for the deposit amount of $150.00 in order to secure your place on my calendar. You can expect a second invoice for the remaining balance at 36 weeks into your pregnancy unless a payment plan has been set up and you have made other arrangements.

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