Building a Community Through Oils



If you are 'meeting' me here for the first time, you can catch up on some of what I am currently going through here, but this is a quick breakdown: I am a 29 year old Mama of two beautiful girls, a prenatal yoga teacher, doula and placenta encapsulation specialist. Life felt like it was going really well in business and in general until then I was suddenly diagnosed with acute meyloid leukemia in the beginning of this year. Treatment for my fast-acting cancer began immediately and my community rallied around me and my family. My husband was forced to stay home with our children and to become my caretaker, and we thanked the gods for our savings, because money would not be coming in. And that is what brings me to this blog.

Let me be honest with you... we have been living fully from our savings, and it is frightening. For reasons out of our control, we are ineligible for any kind of assistance or income. So there is that. My gratitude for our community and the ways the people around us have gifted us, blessed us and helped us is too big to put into words. This experience has shown me that we all truly do take care of each other. But I had a realization just a few days ago about a way that we can all help each other, and I like this idea a lot. Tell me what you think...


The first time I was introduced to essential oils was when my youngest baby was just a wee little diapered one. She had caught a bad cold and I was beside myself with young mom worry because I did not have any way to relieve her. I reached out for help and an acquaintance offered to bring me some essential oils, so I happily agreed and she drove them right over. I still remember the hope I felt when I saw the sandwich bag full of tiny bottles and a sheet of paper with instructions. She had included OnGuard, peppermint, lemon and lavender. I used oils on her feet and spine as directed and just a few hours later I saw a huge difference. She eventually drifted off to a happy sleep and I was amazed! Essential oils were a small part of my life in some way from that moment on.


She is 5 years old now. Over the years after trying many brands of oils, I have settled on DoTERRA as the oils that give my family the best results. I had been propositioned many times by many different people to sell the oils, but I never felt any desire to do so, until one day a dear friend who I highly respect and adore mentioned that she was building her DoTerra team. I had a strong desire to join her because of who she is as a person, and I did! I decided to join her team on a budget (I will explain how I did that later in this post) and was really excited about the idea of building a team and utilizing the oils in my business... and then I found myself in the hospital.

Fast-forward to now, and we have accepted donations through our GoFundMe and my PayPal account from friends and strangers. But asking for help in that way is hard! I am so aware of the struggles and financial strain that all of us are living day-to-day and brings up conflicting feelings. I'm sure most of you can imagine what I am talking about. And then I wondered... what if I could receive and accept love and support from my community, while also providing my community with love and support? And I feel like I can do that through DoTerra! This would give me the opportunity to provide my family with some much-needed money (it does make the world go 'round, as they say), but also the peace in knowing that I would be sharing a gift that will benefit those who are taking part- whether they are purchasing oils and enjoying the plant medicine, or even creating their own side income by becoming a part of my team, it feels like a win-win.

So if you have been oil-curious, are already an essential oil lover or have a desire to explore the business aspect of DoTerra, or if you simply want to help me and my family while also getting something fun for yourself, here's your options~


You can buy individual oils and products (if you didn't know, DoTerra also sells supplements and household items) really easily. Just go to my special link, and shop at home! The oils will be shipped to you, and I get a small commission from each one.

You can become a Wholesale Customer. If you do this, you do not sell oils, you simply benefit from the 25% wholesale discount, which is so worth it! Similar to buying a Costco membership, all you have to do is pay an annual fee. For your first year the fee is $35, and every year after that you can renew for $25 PLUS get a free peppermint essential oil for renewing. This is a great if you want to buy oils at your leisure, don't want to pay full price and have no interest in sharing them.

You can become a Wellness Advocate. One of my favorite things about signing up as a Wellness Advocate with me is that you will have access to some really great resources! I will be one of them, but my knowledge is limited to my own experience. Elena Brower is a yoga teacher and very knowledgeable oil lover, and because she is a part of the network of advocates that I am under, you get access to a private website where she shares all things oils. This resource alone is so exciting! You would simply sign up, pay the same annual fee as the wholesale customer, and both the wholesale customers and wellness advocates have the option of purchasing an enrollment kit at a hugely discounted price. Then from that moment on you can make money while sharing oils!


If you are feeling wary about signing up to sell essential oils because you have been told that you have to purchase oils monthly, let me clear the air. You do not. DoTerra has a loyalty rewards program that rewards you with points to use toward purchasing oils and products. If you make large monthly orders, it is a great program! But when I signed up as a wellness advocate, I knew I would not be making these large monthly orders and I decided to sign up on the cheap. If you want to help, sign up and enjoy doterra on a budget, here's what I did:

i. Sign up as a Wellness Advocate at and pay the $35 enrollment fee.

ii. Decide which oils you want or need the most, how much they cost, and weigh that cost against the enrollment kits. The enrollment kits are a GREAT deal! I highly recommend them because they are very discounted, IF you will use the oils in the kit. But if you find that you don't need half of the oils in the kit, you don't anticipate sampling them, and you want to save money, then you can spend your hard-earned money on only the single oils that you need.

iii. Skip the loyalty rewards program to avoid monthly orders 

And that's that! Make wellness fit into your lifestyle and budget. If you feel financially strained because of a purchase that is supposed to benefit your health... well, that's not very healthy.

You can follow my journey as I heal beyond cancer on Instagram @jasmine.rose.doula and if you have any questions about oils, doterra, how I use them in my life or any other topic, please feel free to comment below or get in touch with me at


((Donating blood, platelets and bone marrow are all easy things that you can do to save a life. If my story has touched you in any way, look into where you can donate locally, and think about becoming a bone marrow donor! The process is not as scary as it sounds.

You can donate to my family through our GoFundMe here

Visit DoTerra and purchase oils that will support me here))