Four Sigmatic ~ my honest review

   "Ooooh... I don't really like the taste of mushrooms." -insert grossed out and confused face here-

   That is the general reaction I receive when I confess my love for medicinal mushrooms and mushroom coffee from almost everyone. If you have a similar reaction to hearing "mushroom coffee" you can rest assured knowing that if a coffee product actually tasted like a cup full of mushrooms then it wouldn't be gaining popularity and nobody would be drinking it. (Or maybe they would... but I certainly wouldn't be!) I have some feelings about the flavor of Four Sigmatic's mushroom coffee flavor, but before I get into that and share my honest review- here is a little bit of what you should know about medicinal mushrooms.

   Before I found Four Sigmatic I was already on board with drinking mushrooms; specifically chaga mushrooms. I would buy chaga chunks, make a strong tea out of them in my crockpot, and sip on the concoction throughout the day for the incredible health benefits.

   Some of those benefits include vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, and the list goes on. Chaga is known for boosting the immune system and keeping you well during the colder seasons, and in my opinion it tastes so good!

   Chaga was my first introduction to this world of undervalues superfoods, but there are many more varieties of fungi that are considered a medicinal mushroom, such as reishi, lions mane, cordyceps, shiitake, and even your simple white button mushrooms have health benefits. As a bonus, all of these are extremely easy to add into your diet, whether sauteed or in a crockpot the way I used to do with my chaga.

   Still not convinced? Mushrooms are a perfect superfood thanks to their extreme bio-availability, and you can read more about the overwhelming benefits of consuming medicinal mushrooms  here

   Onto my personal review and experience of the company that is spreading medicinal mushrooms far and wide: Four Sigmatic...

   I loved the earthy, grounding ritual of brewing chaga tea myself on the kitchen counter, but when I heard that there was a company who had made the ritual easier and more portable, I was intrigued. The very first product that I bought from Four Sigmatic was a sample box that contained 2 of each of their most popular products. (You can find the sampler box here.) 

   Immediately I was hooked by the packaging (I'm a sucker for marketing!) and how easy it was to get my hands on some of these harder to find mushrooms. Have you ever tried to find Lion's Mane to make a tea out of? These cute little packets made the whole process simple, and you can sip on mushrooms pretty much anywhere! Grab a cup of hot water from your local coffee shop and you are good to go. 

   Right away I began experimenting with some of their other products- one of my favorites was this Beauty Blend. I found myself craving my morning elixir and noticed some benefits after just a few days. I felt that the products didn't just look cute, they were using quality ingredients. I began to use the mushroom products throughout my day for specific purposes~ 

   Sitting down to get some computer work done? Lion's Mane first for some serious brain power.

   Meeting a doula client at the hospital? Chug some chaga to fight off all of those hospital cooties!

   Unwinding after a long day? Reishi takes center stage.

   I always have a packet or two of something in my yoga mat bag to sip on before or after class, and I make sure my purse is stocked for when the craving hits.

   But I promised an honest review, and there is just one thing that I don't love about the brand, that I feel I must share in the name of full transparency....

   I am a huge coffee snob. I have been spoiled by our incredible local coffee shops (who literally win awards from their house roasted coffees) and I am accustomed to a certain flavor. I am not a fan of instant coffee... well, of course it would be nearly impossible to make a packet of mushroom coffee any other way~ so they utilize the quick and portable instant coffee. And I do taste that distinct instant coffee taste.

   If you are also a coffee lover/snob, here are some of my tips for how I've gotten around my snobbery:

1. I make a mushroom coffee elixir at home using homemade almond milk, and whisk in some other superfoods and flavors such as lucuma powder and ashwaghanda powder.

2. Sweeten it up by plopping a dollop of Coco-whip on the top!

3. I don't buy the mushroom coffee as often as I buy the single mushrooms. You can add the mushrooms into your own coffees, cacao elixirs or drink them on their own!

4. Ice it! For some reason I absolutely love the taste of the mushroom coffee when it's iced. 

And with all of that said, I will say this about their coffees~ the flavor is smooth, not bitter and it's not as bad as some instant coffees I've had in the past. It is also one of the only coffee products I can drink without my anxiety creeping back in! (Stay tuned for a future blog post on my postpartum anxiety and why I can't drink coffee anymore.) Maybe it is the addition of the mushrooms, but this coffee works for me and doesn't cause any of the ill-effects that I've been experiencing with regular coffee.

A quick word about medicinal mushrooms while pregnant or nursing. Always listen to your body and consume anything intuitively. Reishi and Chaga are not only safe, they have immune boosting benefits during pregnancy to keep you feeling your best when your immune system is naturally compromised due to growing a tiny human.

I hope you check out Four Sigmatic and fall in love with them as much as I have! While you are shopping, take this discount code with you to save money and support yours truly: omshantimom10 ~ enter at the checkout! Or click this link and shop away:



Yes, that is an affiliate link. No, that does not mean I just made up the entire blog in the name of making a dollar! (Come on people, you should know me better than that.) I am an affiliate of Four Sigmatic because I honestly love these products and whatever small amount of money that I make from sharing my affiliate code with friends is money that keeps this website running and allows me to provide the experiences that I do as a yoga teacher and doula! (Love the freebies and goodies you get from me as a doula client? You can thank Four Sigmatic for that!) Aaannnd you get a sweet discount, so honestly everyone wins!

So don't be shy, use the code, soak up the good vibes, and cheers to your health with medicinal mushrooms!